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Alfredo Navarro Montllor was born in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain in 1965.  The oldest of three brothers, he has always lived an artistic life, as his father was also an artist who fostered his artistic curiosity from a young age.  At the age of five, Alfredo began at the Fine Arts school painting murals, an activity that lasted until he was eight.  By the time he was 13, he began experimenting with oil painting, favoring floral and landscapes.

After high school, Alfredo was assigned to La Coruna (Galicia, on the Atlantic Spanish coast) in order to serve in the military, where by request from his superiors, he painted two murals on the walls of the dining room of the barracks, and where he won first prize for a military scene painting he submitted to a painting contest on Armed Forces Day.

After the military, he pursued a degree in economics while continuing to paint.  In finishing his economic studies, he returned to Alcoy and began to paint alongside his father.  He concentrated intensely on his craft, using the ocean and sea as the main subject, as well as absorbing the knowledge and experience that his father offered him.

Navarro says of his signature seascapes, "To paint the sea was a challenge for me, and any challenge stimulates me.  I can find new styles, perspectives, and reasons that make me passionate about painting seascapes.  The purpose of my paintings is to define a spatial-temporal atmosphere of relaxation and stimulation - sunsets and rough seascapes, respectively - which helps to compensate the anxieties that provoke our daily occurrences... I don't think there is a subject matter more effective than the sea."