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Estaquio Segrelles was born in 1936 in the town of Albaida, Valencia (Spain). At the young age of 6, his father passed away, leaving his mother to care for Segrelles and his five siblings in the unruly times of the Spanish Civil War. He began his artistic schooling at the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia where he studied from 1950 – 1954. There he developed his worldly renowned techniques of light and shadows. This talent caught the attention of galleries, which began showing his work in 1957. Inheriting the talents of the painting of his father, Segrelles began to develop his artistic talents with pencils at a young age. This practice assisted in his later years as he worked as a draftsman for the publisher Maga, Bardon Press, Illustrated Selections and Bruguera from 1955 - 1972. This exposure allowed him to become much more widely known and allowed him to focus on his true passion, his fine art. His professional career has led to such success that a street was dedicated to him in the city of La Eliana in Valencia. As a professional artist, Segrelles focus is mainly on oil painting, but he also has become quite skilled in the mediums of bronze sculpture, pen and graphite drawing, watercolor and printmaking. His style is based on an amazing mastery of color and light – becoming proficient in the technique of chiaroscuro. He uses colors only used in nature itself – brown, sienna, white, and indigo. Broad strokes give way to subtle detail, showing faceless characters while bringing to life the Mediterranean culture. He recreates the setting sun, the subtle sea and the daily life along the Valencian coast, reminding collectors of Sorolla’s loose brushstrokes.

The paintings of Estaquio Segrelles can be found in public collections around the world including Argentina, London, Scotland, Holland, Portugal, Venezuela, Paris, Japan, Mexico and the United States. His works are represented in museums throughout Spain including the Palace of the Governors and the Provincial Museum of Valencia. Segrelles is a member of the Accademia Internazionale (GRECI – MARINO) in Italy. A SELECTION OF EXHIBITIONS & AWARDS: 1957 Exhibition in the Mercantile Circle (Onteniente , Spain) 1960 Third Prize & Medal in the Contest of Education and Rest (Valencia, Spain) 1964 Exhibition in the Circle of Fine arts (Valencia, Spain) Second & Third Prize in the International Fair of El Ferrol (El Ferrol, Spain) First Prize of Painting Outdoors at the Town hall (Valencia, Spain) 1967 Exhibition in the Room Arthogar (Bilbao, Spain) Exhibition in Galleries San Vicente (Valencia, Spain) Honorable Mention in the Lounge of March (Valencia, Spain) Selected by the National Group of Fine arts to exhibit in New York and Copenhagen. 1968 Exhibition in Gallery Arthogar (Bilbao, Spain) 1969 Exhibition in Gallery Eureka (Madrid, Spain) 1970 Medal to the Artistic Merit of the Department of Information and Tourism Exhibition in the Mercantile Circle (Saragossa, Spain) Exhibition in Galleries San Vicente (Valencia, Spain) Exhibition in the sala Alcón (Madrid, Spain) 1971 Exhibition in the Circle of Fine Arts (Palma, Spain) Exhibition in the Gallery Arthogar (Bilbao, Spain) Exhibition in the Sala Alcón (Madrid, Spain) 1972 Scholarship holder for the Town hall of Valencia in the Casa Velázquez (Madrid, Spain) Exhibition in Galleries San Vicente (Valencia, Spain) Exhibition in the Sala Alcón (Madrid, Spain) Exhibition in Gallery Harvy (Almeria, Spain) Exhibition in the Gallery Goya (Moraira, Spain) 1973 Won the Second Award & Medal in the Contest " Painters of Africa ". Scholarship holder to do in The Aaiún (Spanish Sahara). Exhibition in the Gallery Derenzi (Castellón, Spain) Exhibition in the Sala Alcón (Madrid, Spain) 1974 First Prize "Karman" (Seville, Spain) Exhibition in the "La decoradora" Gallery (Alicante, Spain) 1975 First Prize Fair of Algeciras (Algeciras, Spain) The second prize " Galician landscapes " 1976 Artist invited " in the Lounge XII of Watercolorists (Tarragona , Spain) Award Excma. Diputation of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) International Prize & Golden Medal Villa of Pego (Alicante, Spain) After 1976, Segrelles experienced extreme success with his exhibitions reaching across the globe including shows at: Salon Cano y gallery Durán, in Madrid; gallery Augusta, Nonell Galleries, Gallery M ª Angels Plà, in Barcelona; Gallery Inter Atrium, in Oporto (Portugal); Cialarte Claude Marumo, in Paris; Galarte Ali, in Amman (Jordan), and others.

ART CRITIC: “Touched by the divine grace, Eustaquio Segrelles is a born painter; for him doing is a need like it is to breathe. It traverses the painting for his veins and offers her to us as a seemingly indomitable flow that it can control to the perfection, student near to graduation emotions and feelings. Across his paintbrushes he speaks to us about the life of the fishermen of the Levantine coast, about the peasants of lands I enter, of the motley of the Arabic souks, of the placid and peaceful environment of the small peoples plunged in the silence and the tranquility... Endowed with a great expressive facility, excellent draftsman tanned in the veteranía, dominator of the color that it peels in extent of tones and with round brushstroke, conjugador of spaces and, over everything, inheritor of the purest Mediterranean luminismo,Mediterranean, that puts to the service of his topics a light rhymed in soft reflections and immersed in the totality of the scene that it describes. They are virtues that he extends in a work impregnated with life, intense, always solved with supreme mastery.” J. Llop S