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Mark Jesinoski was born in rural Minnesota in 1976. After high school he attended school for civil engineering for two years, followed by a two-year stint in the engineering department of the world's second largest coal mine in Gillette, Wyoming. It was in this highly isolating and challenging environment that Mark began to express himself as an artist. An insatiable curiosity quickly found Mark back in college studying Psychology, spending a semester in Europe, and continually going to the canvas to make sense of it all. Mark completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2002, and immediately began attending Utah State University to pursue his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. All the while Mark continued to paint and study art diligently in his own time. Throughout his graduate career Mark found himself engaging in the parallel process of training as a psychologist and an artist. He began showing his art locally during this time, and participated in his first group gallery exhibition in 2004. Graduating with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Mark relocated to San Diego to complete a doctoral residency at the University of San Diego. Immediately upon his arrival in San Diego, Mark's hunger for involvement in the local arts community found him painting live at underground art events by night, and serving as a doctoral resident during the day. Over Mark's first year in San Diego he painted live at over 100 local art and charity events, and participated in his first group gallery show with Thumbprint Gallery for their grand opening. Over the next three years Mark would complete post-doctoral rotations at the University of San Diego, San Diego State University, and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), all the while he tirelessly pursued his art career, often working this double-duty life style over 80 hours/wk. By Mark's second year in San Diego he had founded Mosaic Gallery, a space dedicated to showcasing the artwork of local artists, which he felt was a need in the San Diego community. By Mark's fourth year in San Diego he had his first major solo exhibition with the San Diego Fine Art Society's Pulse Gallery. By his fifth year Mark was showing in galleries in San Diego, Laguna Beach, CA., and Aspen, CO. Through it all Mark continued to paint live at local art events, raising over $30,000 for local non-profits with his art over the course of five years. He continues to be an advocate for local artists, and is thankful to be working as a full-time artist in the San Diego community.