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About the Artists:

Agnieszka Pilat is a Polish-American artist based here in the U.S.. Pilat’s work is figurative on its surface but conceptual at its core. Her paintings are hard to classify: on one hand they are figurative and they display the qualities of an artist trained in the figurative, even classical tradition, but on the other hand they fit into the contemporary, post-modern narrative of art that de-emphasizes skill in favor of concept. Time is our most precious resource, says Pilat who says that painting is her way of trying to trap time, prevent is from fading away. 
"When I create a painting, in a sense I lock the time in it, it’s a fusion of time (the passage of it, the concept) and how I lock it into the linen with my paint. It’s a perfect  visual journal of the two. I hope that when you look at my painting, you can actually feel time, get lost in it, “touch it”. I hope you can feel the “present” by looking and truly getting lost in my work."
Full of nostalgia and sometimes regret, Pilat's paintings offer a message of hope - the young subjects in her paintings are allegorical representations of the future that each of us has ahead of us. Her goal is to remind us that no matter where we came from, we are offered a fresh start with each coming minute.
Pilat is the recipient of many awards including First Place in the 2014 Charvin Winter Painting Contest, Third Place “Best of America” at the 2014 National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society, and Finalist in the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts Biennial. Pilat’s work can be found in public and private collections in the United States, China, and Poland.