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About Melinda Matyas

Melinda Matyas


Melinda Matyas is a London based Hungarian artist. She won numerous competitions to create frescos in Romanian Churches and executed them in thirteen churches in Neo Byzantine Style. Her paintings were extensively reviewed by art critiques, with articles about her unique style published in a variety of European magazines. In 2014 she was selected as “One to Watch” by Saatchi Art.
In 2009 Melinda graduated from the University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania receiving her BA in Fine Art. She moved to England in 2013.
Melinda’s interest in psychology is one of the major influences in her work. Her focus is on the internal world and anxieties one experiences amidst the expectations of society.
In her creative process color and texture are equally important, as well as the deconstruction of forms which allows her to find an equilibrium between figuration and abstraction. Though she considers herself a figurative painter, the dynamism she creates through breaking up the forms often make her work look abstract.

Selected Exhibitions
2019 The Zone, The Tunnel Group, Asylum Chapel, London