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About Grigsby (1939-2018)

Grigsby's paintings are composed of traditional materials proven to be permanent and sound throughout the history of painting oil paint and glaze is prepared by the artist and applied on hand prime just so panels give the paintings a richness not found elsewhere the attainment of luminosity combined with the rich color has always been seen as "state of the art in quality paintings.

"My paintings have the wetness of watercolor, the richness of oil paintings, and the glass like clarity of porcelain. They are the union of many forms of artistic expression.”

Technique in art has always had its purpose in the fulfillment of artistic expression. Here, in Grigsby's paintings, this technique expresses the serenity in pristine like a big timeless place, a sanctuary - as in a dream. We freely enter and freely leave. A viewer once called a painting “a little voyage, a vacation in a frame.”  We might add, a vacation that's always there when you want it.

Those of us who look for excitement in paintings know that it is the artist’s willingness to take outright risks that make a painting a winner, and that technical perfection alone is not enough. Look closely, and see that all have the qualities of “painting in the raw,” an emotional event that identifies each as a genuine painting.

A fine painting on first viewing reveals a lot but not everything. Levels of emotional experience and visual delights are revealed as you get to know the painting. If you love a painting on first sight, you can be certain it will be a lifelong affair. Most collectors agree that in choosing a painting you must trust your emotional response. Then act as if you only live once. Grigsby's paintings are to be found in prestigious collections in United States, Europe, and Japan.

 Grigsby (1939-2018)


BORN:   December 11, 1939 - DIED:  2018


Began painting in 1952. Oil painting, drawing a watercolor and was self taught until  formal studies at the Barnes foundation in 1959.


Master of Arts University of California, Berkeley, June 1973

Bachelor of Fine Arts - San Francisco Art Institute, January 1971.

Toured and painted Europe 1965-1966

University of Arizona - Tucson, Arizona – 1961 - 1964. Raymond Burr full tuition scholarship.

Philadelphia Museum College of Art - 1960 - 1961.

Barnes Inst. Foundation – Marion Station - Pennsylvania, 1959 - 1960 scholarship.


Grigsby has had numerous exhibitions and one-man shows throughout the United States between 1960 and 2007.  From the early 90's to the present, Brennen Fine Art in Scottsdale has had the luxury to feature Grigsby and his paintings exclusively