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About Jean Luc Messin

Jean Luc Messin

Jean-Luc Messin is a master of the classical impressionistic style and his oil paintings reflect the places he's traveled to and absorbed. His work, he says, depicts the soul of his life as seen in the earth, sky, mountains, sea and landscapes.


His paintings come to life spectacularly. The three-dimensional style he uses to texturize each of his works makes the viewer feel as if he is there, immersed in the beauty of the scene.


Messin's use of color dispenses a dramatic reality, creating an experience of breaching time and spending a day on the French Countryside.


Messin's works help to seize the peace and serenity that is so often lacking in our digital world. We are brought back to the beauty of creation, the beauty of life, and the beauty of nature.


The celebrated artist Jean-Luc Messin was born September 24, 1938 in Versailles, France.   The naturalist painter began his career in drawing and working at the theatre after completing his studies at the Lycee.  During his travels as a young man, he was taught by several landscape painters such Yves Brayer who then lived in Beaux de Provence and in Paris where the two worked together in the Grande Chaumiere near Montparnasse.  His talent really developed, however, in traveling through the rural areas of provincial France.  During these years he lived in Nice, but also fre- quented Greece, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Yugoslavia.   While collecting inspiration he was capturing the beauty of the various country- side’s in his many drawings and paintings. In 1984 Messin had his first one man exhibition in the United States at the Hahn Gallery in Philadelphia, Pa.  He was consequently invited by the Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester, NY to be a participant in the Philadelphia art show.  This well known charitable event was an anual event until the early 2000’s/ in 2005, Messin recently took a year to travel and paint throughout the U.S. and Mexico.  Every summer Jean-Luc travels back to Burgundy, France and paints the vibrant land-scapes and still-lifes that his clients have fallen in love with.   The renowned artist is one of the T.H. Brennen Fine Art Gallery’s most popular artists and is collected from clients around the world. The Brennen Gallery could have Divinci himself in the Gallery, and Jean Luc’s work will always be what collectors remember from visiting the Gallery for the last 25 years. Jean Luc is now in his 80’s and prefers to paint large Museum scale paintings.   We only receive eight paintings a year, which always sell out!  The Brennen Gallery always features Jean Luc’s canvases, when available, and people often call prior to visiting to inquire if we have any pieces by Jean Luc.  His landscapes, technique and mastery of the palette keep driving people and collectors to his work.