Chimes of the Spirit
Amber Ascension
Chenonceau Perspective
Tapis Colors
Sales History
Deep Blue Nocturne - Brugge
Pastel Canals - Venice
Tranquil Yellow - Venice

Sold Artwork...

Shadows Ghent
Crosslight in Amber and Gold
Violet Perspective
Pale Blue Perspective - Brugge
Spires in Violet and Gold
Distant Steeple - Red Poppies
Memory in Blue
Spires Pink & Violet
Canal yellow and bridge
Tears in Soft Yellow and Blue
Nocturnal Journey
Etude in blue and violet
Melody in pink and greens
Violet Bridge
Pink Petunias
Amber Bridge Nocturn
Light in the Darkness
Bust of Christ
Soft Yellow- Brugge
Red Silhouette - Brugge
Deep Orange - Brugge

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