Melody in pink and greens
Chimes of the Spirit
Violet Bridge
Amber Ascension
Chambord Perspective
Tapis Colors
Amber Bridge Nocturn
Light in the Darkness
Deep Blue Nocturne - Brugge
Pastel Canals - Venice
Tranquil Yellow - Venice

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Shadows Ghent
Crosslight in Amber and Gold
Violet Perspective
Pale Blue Perspective - Brugge
Spires in Violet and Gold
Distant Steeple - Red Poppies
Memory in Blue
Spires Pink & Violet
Canal yellow and bridge
Tears in Soft Yellow and Blue
Nocturnal Journey
Etude in blue and violet
Pink Petunias
Bust of Christ
Soft Yellow- Brugge
Red Silhouette - Brugge
Deep Orange - Brugge

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